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Adam Malik - Founder, The Media CTO

Adam Malik - Founder, The Media CTO


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Why shift to Digitising Events

Digitising Events is primarily about applying Data Science to improve the nature and outcomes of Events. We must reconsider our traditional business and economic models in an era of pressing environmental concerns. The events industry is no exception. With over 90% of an event's carbon footprint stemming from travel and logistics, the need for a more sustainable and efficient approach is clear.

But more importantly, we need to continually evidence the shift in Action events create within a market.

The Case for Digitising Events

The more we can apply Data Science and Models to improve the orchestration and outcomes of events, the better our ability to connect more people to maximise Information and Knowledge exchange to enable participants to take Action in the most efficient way and within the best Experience.


What if we could enhance the value of physical events by using advanced Data Science and digitisation?

Making Digitising Events Work

The shift to Digitising Events has its challenges. It requires a change in mindset, a willingness to experiment, and a commitment to continuous improvement as well as building the right data models to help enhance events.

Consider your specific circumstances. What are your event goals? Who is your audience? What resources do you have available? By tailoring our approach to Digitising Events to particular needs, we can maximise the benefits while minimising the challenges.

The Future of Events

The future of events is not digital or physical but optimised to achieve a better outcome measured on the IAEK Radar. By embracing this shift, we can create events that are not only more sustainable but also more effective and inclusive. We can challenge ourselves to provide new insights and guide our audiences towards a new understanding and increased knowledge to take quicker action in a world of a confusing degree of choice.

Join Us in the Shift to Digitising Events

Digitising Events offers a promising path towards a evidence-based, sustainable and effective events industry. 

We need a quantum leap. We need to push towards an infraction point that, when passed, will make us look back and wonder why we never thought of doing it in that way in the first place.

A depiction of a Heath Robinson engine to Digitise Events

Together, we can create a future where events are not just about gathering people in a physical space but about connecting minds and ideas in a sustainable, efficient, and inclusive way.

Digitising Events is for the brave, the curious, the trailblazers, and the people who don't mind accidentally bleeding out at the cutting edge.

We need more human time, whatever the format. The time with family and friends, discovering new experiences, and making new connections, while keeping productive – doing work that adds value in a way that does not eat the planet.

I invite you to join us in our exploration.....

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