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Adam Malik Founder, The Media CTO

Digitising Events is primarily about applying Data Science to improve the nature and outcomes of Events for all participants, whether predicting attendance, personalising experiences, or enhancing information exchange aligned to the IAEK Framework™ to evidence a shift in action.


Let us address a common misconception: our mission is not to replace live events with virtual ones. Instead, this is about developing a highly integrated digital wrapper that significantly enhances the live event experience using advanced data science; this is our definition of Digitisng Events.


Virtual events like webinars have a place but have a very different and distinct dynamic - we should not view them as anything like a live/in-person event that is wrong. They are just one part of the Digitising Events movement and provide an exciting interplay with physical events.


By integrating advanced digital technologies and data-driven insights, we aim to amplify the impact of live events. This digital enhancement strategy brings a new dimension to the live experience, ensuring that every aspect, from participant engagement to knowledge sharing, is deeply enriched through digital innovation. 


The Imperative for Change


At the heart of Digitising Events is applying advanced Data Science and Data Models, Machine Learning and AI to reshape how we orchestrate and derive outcomes from events.


The goal of the approach is to drive better CVOs (Customer/Commercially Valuable Outcomes), facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge, thus empowering participants to act efficiently and enjoy enriching experiences. Imagine the possibilities where the value of physical events is exponentially increased through digitisation by, for example, accurately knowing, using machine learning, which of your registrants will attend before they do.

Challenges and Adaptation to the Digital Era

Transitioning to Digitising Events is a journey marked by challenges requiring a shift in thinking, a spirit of experimentation, and an unwavering dedication to continuous improvement. Key to this transition is the development of precise data models that enhance the event experience. Tailoring the Digitising Events methodology to specific contexts, goals, and resources, such as the CVI + CVO Framework™, is crucial for maximising its advantages while navigating its complexities.

The Future Landscape of Events

The future of events lies in a blend of digital and physical realms, optimised using tools like the IAEK Framework™ - again, this bled is not virtual stand and physical stand - but rather blended journies to deliver superior outcomes.

Live events are unique in the Attention Economy but are still held at arm's length or perceived as not part of the digital fabric because they are live, in-person events. That is a fundamental disconnect that Digitising Events hopes to put right.

What is Digitising Events

An image of heat robinson creating a machine to digitise envents

Joining the Digitised Events Evolution

Our ambition for this site is to share evidence-based methodologies, tools, and tactics we have used and invite others to contribute.

We desire to put data and advances in AI at the heart of the conversation about how we shape the future of events for events, whether live or virtual, enabling them to take their rightful place in the attention economy.

Digitising Events aims to enhance our experiences with communities and peers, fostering discoveries and connections. It encourages a productive experience at events focused on creating value.

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